Clean Energy

For multiple applications, including hydrogen storage and generation methods, fuel cells, green hydrogen power generation, and energy recovery systems



Low and High-Temperature ULPHE-PEM Fuel Cells:

New methods of manufacturing electrodes and MEAs.

Innovative high-performance design.

Low and high-temperature PEM Fuel Cells for AIP propulsion of submarines, in integration with biofuel reformers:

Specific high-performance design for the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

New hydrogen storage and generation methods:

✓ Hydrogen generation from ammonia (GENHIO).

Compact power generation systems:

Direct application of the technologies of PEM fuel cells and of hydrogen generation.

Portable power generation systems, with high autonomy, well to carry on a backpack or for integration into a vehicle, as a power unit assistant.

Propulsion of manned and unmanned vehicles:

Direct application of own or external technologies for PEM fuel cells and hydrogen generation.

Anaerobic propulsion systems for underwater unmanned vehicles.

Stationary electricity generation from green hydrogen:

Direct application of own or external PEM fuel cell technologies high temperature, with high efficiency and long service life.

Applicable to sustainable residential buildings, sports centres and buildings.

Human waste energy recovery systems (HUWERs):

Reform the gas coming from the anaerobic digesters of a waste plant urban.

Generate electricity in a high-temperature ULPHE-PEM stack from gas from refurbished products.

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