JALVASUB Engineering  is a Technology-Based SME company that started in early 2017 with the aim of putting in the Market a pile of highly innovative products and specialized services, based on:

  •  Our experience and capability acquired.
  •  New technologies developed with the support of our partners.

In JALVASUB Engineering SL we want contribute to improve the Society of today, providing highly innovatives possible solutions to solve, at least partially, the big challenges that we have to face, such as on one hand, to get safer Societies, and on the other hand, to get Societies energetically cleaner and more efficient.

To contribute to the goal of achieving Societies every time safer, JALVASUB Engineering makes available to the Market:

  • Highly innovative and efficient  Energy Systems, that can contribute to improve the missions in the field of Security and Defense.
  • Marine unmanned vehicles of high versatility, safer and more reliable, and with high endurance in the case of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV`s).
With this, we want to facilitate the further development of Security and Defense missions such as:
  • Fight against organized crime.

  • Fight against the trafficking of people and narcotics.

  • Anti-terrorist fight.

  • Protection of critical infrastructures, supply chains and modes of transport.

  • Border management and maritime security.

  • Managing humanitarian crisis and natural disasters.

  • Anti-submarine and mine hunting warfare.

  • Environmental protection and firefighting.

  • Clean and safe energy management of bases, camps, field hospitals and humanitarian fields.

In order to contribute to the goal of achieving Cleaner and more efficient Societies, JALVASUB Engineering SL makes available to the Market highly innovative and efficient Energy Systems , based on the application of new intrinsically clean energy technologies such as hydrogen and fuel cells technologies, compatible with their use in all areas that the Society currently demands, such as:

  • Portable energy systems.
  • Battery chargers.
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for both distributed stationary applications and for land, naval or aerial, manned or unmanned vehicles.
  • Hybrid electrical propulsion for aerial, land or marine (surface or undewater) unmanned vehicles .
  • Hybrid electrical propulsion for bionic devices (exoskeleton) and vehicles for disabled people.
  • Naval electrical propulsion for surface ships and submarines (AIP propulsion).
  • Electrical stationary generation.
  • Direct energy recovery through thermal sources at high temperature, such as through radioactive waste.
  • Energy recovery of organic waste.

In addition, from JALVASUB Engineering SL we want to contribute to the Defense, Protection and Improvement of the Environment, especially to what belongs to the Marine Environment and especially in regard to its Natural, Historical and Cultural Heritage. Therefore, in JALVASUB Engineering SL we bet on: 

  • The use of clean energy technologies for the development of our energy systems, compatible with electrical propulsion or auxiliary power generation on board surface ships, submarines and / or marine unmanned vehicles.
  • The development of marine unmanned vehicles that can carry out successfully and efficiently missions such as:
      - Observation, defense and protection of water quality, both inland and in coastal and oceanic areas.
      - Mapping of sea beds.

      - Oceanography and underwater archeology.

For further information related to our business objectives, our catalog of innovative products and specialized services, please contact us and we will gladly answer your request.