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We are a spanish technology-based SME company that, with the support of our partners, we develop, manufacture and commercialize dual products (for both civil and military application), such as:

- Energy systems:

  • PEM Fuel Cells with low Platinum content and high efficiency.
  • Propulsion and / or electric power generation systems based on proprietary disruptive hydrogen technologies and PEM fuel cells.
  • Propulsion and / or electric power generation systems based on hydrogen technologies and high temperature fuel cells, with thermal utilization based on the use of a new generation of proprietary high efficiency thermionic materials.
  • Direct electric generation systems, based on the integration of high temperature thermal sources with a new generation of proprietary high efficiency thermionic materials.
  • High efficient energy recovery systems for organic waste, through hydrogen technologies and fuel cells.
- Marine Unmanned Vehicles:
  • Unmanned Surface Vehícles USVs) of high versatility.

       - Aluminum platform, safe and reliable.

       - Lenght between 6 and 20 meters.    

       - High maneuverability and speed (>40 knots).

       - For civil and/or military use (Security & Defense).

  • Unmanned Undersea Vehicles UUVof high versatiliy, discretion and autonomy.

       - New platform concept, very versatile.

       - AIP propulsion based on PEM fuel cells.

       - Easy handling and operation (Max. 2  pax).

       - For civil and/or military use (Security & Defense).

  • Collaborative and integrated systems between unmanned marine vehicles, both surface and submarine, taking advantage of the two families of USVs and UUVs available.

Possible applications of our Energy Systems:

Our Marine Unmanned Vehicles:

Our Products are highly innovative and have high performances thanks to the integration of new disruptive technologies that JALVASUB Engineering either has under exclusive license or has developed jointly with its partners, which include: 

Energy Technologies:

  • New and high efficient proprietary manufacturing processes for PEM fuel cell MEAs.
  • New and high efficient proprietary configurations of PEM fuel cell stacks.
  • Clean generation of hydrogen from biofuels.
  • New disruptive systems of clean generation on demand and in-situ of hydrogen, fed with water, both pure and salty.
  • New integrated oxygen and hydrogen generation systems for anaerobic applications powered by fuel cells.
  • Clean generation of hydrogen, through the processing of gases from the anaerobic treatment of organic waste.
  • New generation of thermionic materials, for use both in vacuum and in solid state.

- Technologies asociated to Marine Unmanned Vehicles:

  • Surface naval platforms, highly innovative and reliable, successfully tested in manned mode.

  • Modular platforms for underwater unmanned vehicles, based on projects already successfully executed.

  • Air independent propulsion modules (AIP) based on hydrogen technologies and PEM fuel cells, for application in submarine unmanned vehicles.

  • An innovative and reliable Adaptive Modular Platform of Mission, Command and Control of Marine Unmanned Vehicles.

  • A new module for the visual and automatic recognition of ships and surface naval platforms.

Thanks to the high experience accumulated by the team of JALVASUB Engineering SL and that is complemented with that of its partners, we can offer our clients highly qualified services in:

  • Naval Engineering and Consulting.
  • Consulting and Engineering of Energy Projects.
  • Energy and environmental efficiency.
  • Integrated Logistic Support.
  • Direction and Management of Programs.
  • Development of Innovative Products.
  • Engineering and optimization of chemical processess.
  • Strategic consulting.
  • Business development.
  • Innovation management.
  • Mentoring.

    Our team is at your disposal to advise you at all times on any aspect related to our business. 

    Please contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you.