Hybrid, modular and compact electric power generation systems, based on the integration of ULPHE-PEM fuel cells and hydrogen storage and / or generation systems, on-site and on demand (GENHIO)

During the HYCOGEN project, a reduced-scale prototype of the ULPHE-PEM fuel cell is being developed, suitable for compact and portable energy systems, with satisfactory results to date, with the collaboration of the Fluid Physics Laboratory of the Faculty of Sciences of UNED and the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry the CSIC.

✓ Electric unmanned vehicle propulsion, including:

  • Aerial (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles –UAVs-).
  • Autonomous submarines (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles -AUV-).
  • Marine gliders (U-Glider’s).
  • Naval, surface (Unmanned surface vehicles –USV-).

✓ Electric propulsion of vehicles with reduced mobility: wheelchairs, electric scooters, bicycles…

✓ Portable compact power systems, battery chargers and / or auxiliary power units for vehicles.

HYCOGEN offers an electrical power range between 5 W and 50,000 W.

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