JALVASUB Engineering is grateful for the confidence granted by the Spanish Ministry of Defense to the MEDUSA Joint Venture.

MEDUSA Joint Venture is a temporary union of companies constituted by the CIDAUT Foundation and JALVASUB Engineering to carry out Phase I of the MEDUSA 300 Project. This project will develop the fuel cell system for the AIP S-80 Spanish submarines, which will be based on the innovative design of the ULPHE-PEM (Ultra-Light Platinum Content High Efficient- PEM Fuel Cell).

The ULPHE-PEM fuel cell is a new generation of polymeric fuel cells, which can operate both at low and high temperatures, and which is based on a completely Spanish-patented technology, more efficient and with lower weight, volume, and cost than those presently existing on the market.

This technological development, which will also have the technical contribution of prestigious Spanish universities and research centres such as the Fluid Physics Laboratory of the UNED and the Fuel Cells and Systems Integration Unit of CIEMAT, will promote the use of high capacity ULPHE-PEM fuel cells fueled with hydrogen, not only in the Defense industry but also in other projects related to the decarbonization of industrial and mobility activities in which both JALVASUB Engineering and the CIDAUT Foundation are already immersed.

JALVASUB Engineering is a company that develops, manufactures, integrates, and commercializes hybrid and compact systems of electrical energy generation based on hydrogen technologies and PEM fuel cells for dual applications not only in Security and Defense but also for the civil field of boat propulsion, unmanned vehicles, or auxiliary power units.