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Yard container cranes, propelled with hydrogen “e-H2 RTG” of a totally national joint development, with PACECO MOMENTUM, a Spanish company belonging to the MITSUI business group and PACECO CORP., Leaders in the world port logistics market:

  • Transtainer crane or “RTG”, patented by PACECO MOMENTUM.
  • The objective is to re-motorize existing cranes, currently powered by diesel generator sets.

Manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, under development by Ventor Innovations, where JALVASUB Engineering would provide its propulsion:

  • V-RAPTOR®: Vehicle weighing up to 5 kg, can be launched by hand or with a catapult.
  • V- PROTON®: VTOL vehicle, with two fixed wing configurations (7 kg and 25 kg MTOW).

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