Naval propulsion systems based on hydrogen technologies and fuel cells for submarines, electric vessels, and submarine and surface unmanned vehicle systems


Naval systems “e-H2 Boats” developed jointly with the Moggaro Aluminum Yatchs shipyard, leader in the world market of recreational boats operating in environments of high ecological value:

✓ Jetboats and JetCaps

✓ Pontoons

✓ Floating houses

Some of the characteristics of the system are:

✓ Innovative and highly reliable naval surface platforms, successfully tested in manned mode.

✓ Modular platforms for underwater unmanned vehicles, based on projects already executed successfully.

✓ Air independent propulsion (AIP) modules based on hydrogen technologies and PEM fuel cells, for application in underwater unmanned vehicles.

✓ An innovative and reliable Modular Adaptive Platform for Mission, Command and Control of Marine Unmanned Vehicles.

✓ A new module for the visual and automatic recognition of ships and naval surface platforms.

High autonomy surface and underwater unmanned vehicle systems:

✓ Hybrid Unmanned Vehicles (ROVs and AUVs)

✓ Underwater gliders (Ugliders)

Awardees of the MEDUSA 300 Phase I project to develop and obtain the fuel cell for the AIP system of the S-80 submarines of the Spanish Navy, in a joint venture with the CIDAUT Foundation, in a project in which the UNED (Las Rozas), CIEMAT and CP-CISC.

✓ Specific low and high temperature PEM fuel cells for integration with bioethanol reforming and suitable for use in submarines (MEDUSA 300 Project).

Clean. Efficient. Energy

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