On October 27, 2,021, the MEDUSA 300 Phase I Project Follow-up meeting took place at the offices of the General Sub-Directorate of Planning, Technology and Innovation (SDG PLATIN) of the Ministry of Defense. UTE MEDUSA, the company JALVASUB Engineering and the CIDAUT Foundation, together with its collaborator, the Fluid Physics Laboratory of the UNED, satisfactorily presented the results achieved and related to scaling, component optimization and the design of 1 kW technology demonstrators.

The milestone reached has great significance in the development of the next phases of the Project. It supposes having demonstrated the national technological and industrial capacity required, to begin with all the guarantees and without risk, the manufacture of the PEM fuel cell demonstrators, at the real scale required in the S-80 submarine and with the functional performance achieved that even exceed those specified in the project.