We offer applications in many fields: maritime, defense, portable compact energy systems, battery chargers and / or auxiliary power units for vehicles.

Clean energy

For multiple applications, including hydrogen storage and generation methods, fuel cells, green hydrogen power generation, and energy recovery systems. Learn more.

Security and defence

Electric propulsion systems for submarines and protable energy systems. Learn more


Electric propulsion systems for submarines, electric vessels, and submarine and surface unmanned vehicle systems. Learn more

Unmanned vehicles

Electric propulsion systems for marine (surface and underwater) and aerial unmanned vehicles. Learn more.

Logistics: Ports, airports, aeronautics

Our products can be used in electric cranes or systems for cargo delivery. Learn more.

Urban and sustainable mobility

Electric propulsion systems for high autonomy electric urban mobility vehicles: wheelchairs, scooters, moto scooters, bikes and aero taxi.

Sustainable buildings

Suitable for homes or isolated urbanizations, stationary generation systems and energy recovery of urban waste. Learn more.

Clean. Efficient. Energy

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