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Fuel cells for submarines and individual energy systems

Awardees of the MEDUSA 300 Phase I project to develop and obtain the fuel cell for the AIP system of the S-80 submarines of the Spanish Navy, in a joint venture with the CIDAUT Foundation, in a project in which the UNED (Las Rozas), CIEMAT and CP-CISC.

  • Specific low and high temperature PEM fuel cells for integration with bioethanol reforming and suitable for use in submarines (MEDUSA 300 Project).

HYCOGEN: Compact energy systems for portable use. Operational requirements:

  • Centralized power supply or transportable in a backpack.
  • Continuous power required: 20 W (with 50 W peaks).
  • Typical mission time: 72 hours
  • Weight less than 7 kg
  • Required power: 20 W x 72 h = 1,440 Wh

High autonomy aerial, naval and submarine unmanned vehicle systems.

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