Decarbonization of aerial transport and increasement of the UAS autonomy throughout efficient aerostructure solutions and energy systems based on hydrogen and green ammonia

We are pleased to announce that, in the 2022 call of the Aeronautical Technological Program “PTA” of the Center for Industrial Technological Development “CDTI” of the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, has selected the “ZEROeVTOL®” Project, presented by the consortium led by SOLUTE in which participate, as partners, the companies Ventor Innovations, Advanced Thermal Devices, Inc and JALVASUB Engineering SL

The “ZEROeVTOL®” project will involve the development of two aerial vehicle prototypes, with a new proprietary vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) concept, one unmanned, 200 kg maximum take-off weight (MTOW), for last mile logistics (UAV PELICAN®), and another autonomous air cab (AAV ALTACAB®), 600 kg MTOW, both with zero emissions, thanks to the integration of novel energy systems based on hydrogen and green ammonia, with a new, more efficient, proprietary conception of aeronautical fuel cells.


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